Introduction to Buddhism (in English)   First Sunday of every month 1:00pm - 2:00pm
(This is a very basic introduction to Buddhism for those with little or no background) 

Buddhism Class (in English)    Every Sunday 10:00am -11:00am  
(This is an ongoing class for those interested in studying Buddhism in more depth.) 

Meditation Class (in English) First Sunday of every even month 10:00am - 11:00am  (Feb, April, June, August, October, December)

All classes are free.  Voluntary dana (donation) are appreciated.

Group Cultivation (in Chinese, with English translation) 同修   Every Sunday 每週日 11:00am-12:00pm

True Buddha Repentance Ceremony (in Chinese, with English translation) 拜真佛報懺 Last Sunday of every month 每月最後週日 11:00am-1:00pm


Upcoming Events

8/18/18  (周六 Sat)  3:00pm    佛學講座: 修氣的口訣    (蓮僧上師主講)   Dharma Talk by Master Lian Seng on "Main Points of Cultivating Qi"  (presented in Chinese with English translation)

8/18/18  (周六 Sat)  6:30pm    地藏王菩薩護摩  (蓮僧上師主壇)   Kstigarbha Bodhisattva Fire Puja Ceremony

8/19/18  (周日 Sun) 10:00am  Dharma Talk by Master Lian Seng.  Question and Answer session on Buddhism.  (in English)

8/19/18  (周日 Sun) 2:00pm   阿彌陀佛祈福息災超度大法會 (蓮僧上師主壇) Amitabha Purification, Blessing, and Bardo Deliverance Ceremony


Charlotte True Buddha Temple. A true Buddhist temple that practices Buddhism in Charlotte, NC. 5909 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28212 Tel: 704.567.2000 Website at The True Buddha School (TBS) was founded by highly accomplished Vajra-master, Grand-Master Sheng-Yen Lu (referred by his over 6 million followers as Living Buddha-Lian-Sheng).